Swarms / Many-on-Many in Simulink

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Florian 2017년 7월 14일
Hi everybody,
we want to simulate swarms in Simulink. A swarm comprises of N multiple objects. Each object represents a physical system with different parametrization (mass, inertia, etc) and state operations (delay, integration, etc). We are currently discussing whether Simulink is the appropriate framework.
In the following I listed the main requirements of the simulation framework:
  • All objects have the same input and output signals
  • Each object has a unique parametrization
  • The number N of objects must be set up at the start of the simulation (no dynamic allocation of objects during simulation)
  • The number N of simulated objects is defined via an integer (no manual editing of the Simulink model is allowed).
  • The maximum number of objects of a swarm comprises of N<10.
Our ideas:
  • For Each Subsystem-block: iterates over the number of objects, same input/output signal structure; different parametrization/model of the objects seems not possible?!
  • Data Store Memory: saw this in a similar context but I am not familiar with the concept.
  • Model Referencing: one model for objects with the same structure, multiple referenced with different parametrization. This is not possible in combination with For Each Subsystem-blocks.
It would be great if you could provide us with some ideas or solutions. If you need further Information, just tell me.
Thank you for any help, Florian


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