RTW generates static functions randomly when using Embdedded Matlab Function block

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I'm using an Embedded Matlab Function in my SL model. This emf uses subfunctions. In the generated code, a file is created per subfunction but some are declared "extern" (~10) whereas others are declared "static" (2). The static functions make it impossible to compile.
I can't find a reason why those 2 functions are declared static because there's nothing (in my opinion of course...) that makes them different from the others. Could it be a keyword in the function name reserved to declare it static ? the way it is called ? etc...
unfortunatly I can't post the code but any idea is welcome. I'm using Matlab r2009b on Linux.
thx Laurent

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TAB 2012년 4월 3일
I have not much used emf block for code generation, so i have never come across such situation.
But what i can suggest is, you can make emf block at atomic block and configure it's for code generation as inlined or as separate one function.
  1. Right click on emf block & select Subsystem Parameters
  2. Select Treat as Atomic checkbox
  3. Set Real Time Workshop System code, Function name & File name options as required.


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