Where can i find all of the functions of [x y] and it's linear functions?

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tban 2017년 5월 4일
댓글: Stephen23 2017년 5월 4일
What is the name of function that enables Matlab to pull information such as [x y]. Basically, when I write a function such as,
[x y] = size(M)
I can use it in this instance, but I can also use it in many other instances. Where can i find it's dictionary? Can I also use it for three variables such as [x y z]
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James Tursa
James Tursa 2017년 5월 4일
편집: James Tursa 2017년 5월 4일
I am not really sure what you are asking. The number of output variables will be dependent on the particular function you are calling. It could also depend on the number and values of the inputs. The number of outputs could be anywhere from zero to dozens depending on the function. There is no comprehensive list of "all functions" that return two outputs or three outputs etc if that is what you are asking. If you want to know the supported calling syntax for a particular function, see the associated documentation. E.g.,
doc size
Stephen23 2017년 5월 4일
@Tudor Banari: the number of output arguments of any function depends on that function, and what syntax you are calling it with. So read the documentation for every function when you wish use it.
How to call functions, how to assign their output arguments, and many other basic MATLAB concepts are introduced in the Getting Started tutorials, which are highly recommended for all beginners:
You should also read this:

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