What causes a command not supported error?

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Will Ober
Will Ober 2017년 4월 4일
편집: ZiAn Cheng 2019년 3월 29일
While running a MATLAB script that uses the pause function, I receive the error "The pause command is not supported for this product offering using these arguments: 'empty'. Running on an iPad Pro with MATLAB mobile. What are are some likely causes?


dpb 2017년 4월 4일
편집: dpb 2017년 4월 4일
"...using these arguments: 'empty'."
Apparently "you can't do that" for the iPad; pause w/o an argument is a complete pause and the OS apparently just won't let you do that. I'd guess it has to do with receiving a "keystroke" to resume is a difficult thing to implement, maybe???

ZiAn Cheng
ZiAn Cheng 2019년 3월 29일
편집: ZiAn Cheng 2019년 3월 29일
Just enter /path/to/matlab/toolbox/toolbox/matlab/connector/connector and delete shadow(a folder) in both web_client and web_common folders,or rename them.


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