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How can I install MATLAB on the D drive?

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Takehiro Tanaka
Takehiro Tanaka 2017년 2월 13일
댓글: Kahiel Coke 2021년 9월 7일 1:28
I specified the installation folder in the D drive but the computer automatically install MATLAB in the downloads folder as default name "MathWorks" in C DRIVE even though I manually specified the destination in D drive. All other program are I can install on D drive but it seems I cannot install MATLAB on the D drive. So is it possible to install MATLAB on D drive?

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Takehiro Tanaka
Takehiro Tanaka 2017년 2월 15일
편집: Walter Roberson 2017년 2월 15일
I actually understood how to solve this problem. In fact, we have to use a command prompt to change the installation directory. the procedure is the following:
1. Open the command prompt (You can find it by typing 'cmd' from the start menu).
2. Type the command 'd:' to change the current directory to D drive
3. Type the command 'cd D:\the address of the folder needed to install matlab products' to go to specific directory.
4. Type the command 'setup -downloadFolder D:\the address of the folder where you want to install' to setup the default destination to install.
Note that the way you type the address of folder is you can easily find on google.
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Kahiel Coke
Kahiel Coke 2021년 9월 7일 1:28
when I type set up in my windows computer it says the command is not recognized, what am I doing wrong ?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2017년 2월 13일
If you told the Installer to install in a folder on the D drive, it should be installing in the specified folder. As part of the installation process it will download files needed by the installation process to a temporary directory, and that directory may or may not be on the D drive depending on how your machine is configured. Those files are used by the installation process but they are not the actual installation.
From the documentation (specifically item 1 in step 1):
"When you select an installer on the website, you receive the files that the installer needs in order to run on your selected platform, not the product files. Run the installer to select products that you want to install on the computer where you are logged in. The installer downloads the products that it needs from MathWorks, if necessary."
I think this Answer describing how to change where the files are downloaded is still up-to-date.
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Edgar Ossiel Pérez Torres
Edgar Ossiel Pérez Torres 2020년 6월 4일
What I did was to delete some files from the temp file, in that way I was able to get enough space. Furthermore, I selected just some adds, Matlab was properly installed, and then I added the other ones as the downloaded files are just temporal on the C drive, and I of course installed on the D dirve. In other words, once you have installed Matlab you will recover your initial space in the C drive, and you can download more Matlab adds.

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Nehemiah Mork
Nehemiah Mork 2020년 9월 28일
If anyone is getting a location error when trying to open matlab (version 2020b) when using the command window do this.
D:\....path...\setup.exe -downloadFolder D:\....location to download
worked for me to download but then when I would try and open Matlab it would say matlab is not where it should be and would give me a location error and would not open. What I ended up having to do is go into windows control panel and change where my temporary files were stored and change them from a C:\ drive file to a D:\ drive file so they were being saved in the same driver as where I was installing matlab so I did not get that location error. If anyone is also getting that error watch this youtube video on how to change your temporary save location from C:\ drive to D:\ drive.
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Niha Faisal
Niha Faisal 2021년 6월 25일
Thankyou so much for this!! I thought I was downloading it wrong, I re-installed it 3 times :'(

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