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Colormap, how to get the color of the sea

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Xin 1 Dec 2016
답변: Image Analyst 1 Dec 2016
This is an interesting question to me. I wanted to create a nice colormap with very smooth and gradual transition from white to sea blue. I tried to do it manually in colormap but it does not work out very well. Anybody who has explored this, or know some developed colormap?
Many thanks

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 1 Dec 2016
Try a program where you can easily get the RGB values of some color of blue that you like, like (r,g,b) = (rBlue, gBlue, bBlue). Then use linspace().
numColors = 256; % Good value for 24/32 bit displays.
oceanRed = 15;
oceanGreen = 127;
oceanBlue = 230;
myColorMap = [linspace(oceanRed, 255, numColors)'/255,...
linspace(oceanGreen, 255, numColors)'/255,...
linspace(oceanBlue, 255, numColors)'/255]
colormap(gca, myColorMap);

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