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how to change the y-axis ticks into 10 base power?

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Mudasir Ahmed
Mudasir Ahmed 2016년 11월 10일
댓글: bin kyu 2021년 5월 14일
I want to change the y-axis ticks into 10 base power format. Actually, the y-axis is the log of any data. but i need y-axis in 10^ format. I tried it manually from figure properties settings but when I change it, it shows ^ sign but I need it in the standard format. kindly help me I will be highly thankful to you
for e.g
-70 to 10^-70
-60 to 10^-60


Jan 2016년 11월 10일
Perhaps you want
H = axes;
set(H, 'YTickLabels', {'1^{-70}'})
The curly braces include the exponent in the LaTeX formatting.

Michael 2016년 11월 10일
If you are taking the log of some data then plotting you could just plot the raw data on a log graph using semilogy(data).
if you dont have the raw data and only the log data you can set the y ticks and the labels to be used:
yticks([-50 -60 -70 -80 -90])
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Mudasir Ahmed
Mudasir Ahmed 2016년 11월 10일
Dear sir
thank you. But using semilogy command most of the data goes invisible I don't know why?

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Cecilia Fleeger
Cecilia Fleeger 2018년 11월 29일
I come across this post and find a solution. To get read of '^' in 10^3, for example is all about TickLabelInterpreter property.
xticklab = cellstr(num2str(round(-log10(xtick(:))), '10^-^%d'));


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