How to use Simulink to solve for Piezoelectric Transducer?

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Jake Rabinowitz
Jake Rabinowitz 2016년 11월 9일
댓글: abbas 2023년 12월 14일
Hello all,
I am trying to set up a simple Simulink environment to simulate the output voltage of a piezoelectric stack in response to incident acoustic radiation. I wanted to verify the setup by running the simulation at a single incident force. I have fully defined my piezo stack based on material values, such that there are no variables in the system (confirmed via findVars command). However, when I attempt to run the simulation, I receive a "number of variables exceeds number of equations" error. I suspect that it is because the system does not have any equations to solve, but I was under the impression that these equations were built into the relevant blocks. Thus, I am now stuck.
I have attached a screenshot of the setup (I was not permitted to attach the file; I am happy to send to any prospective helpers). Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I have only limited Simulink experience.
Thanks, Jake
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can you share simulink file to my mail id
abbas 2023년 12월 14일
greetings sir
kindly email me your simulink file please Email:

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Hari Desanur
Hari Desanur 2016년 11월 14일
In your model, you will have to add domain reference blocks. An electrical reference block to the blue colored connection and a mechanical reference block to the green colored connection.
By replacing the 'constant' block with a 'step' function block, I did not see any errors.
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Kyatham Harikrishna
Kyatham Harikrishna 2018년 3월 13일
good evening sir,
if you attach the Simulink file in this it will be helpful for our project purpose
thank you

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