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Has anyone got an interface for Thorlab's Kinesis software?

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Rob Campbell
Rob Campbell 28 Sep 2016
댓글: Rob Campbell 24 Dec 2017
Has anyone succeeded in interfacing with the ThorLabs Kinesis software for linear stage controllers? I have so far only managed to talk to the APT ActiveX interface, but it's pretty horrible and hard-crashes MATLAB when it gets angry.

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Rob Campbell
Rob Campbell 14 Nov 2017
Me too. I've been using V-551 linear stages for some time and I'm super happy with them. The MATLAB interface, the tech support, and the hardware quality -- all flawless. When I realised the stage controller didn't do something I needed, PI upgraded the firmware within 6 weeks and at no charge.
Klaatu 20 Dec 2017
The V-551 looks incredible. 1-nm encoder resolution is crazy good. Can't be cheap, but then, it's like my boss sometimes asks our customers after they've come back to us after getting burned by a cheaper competitor: "Did you get what you paid for, or did you get what you need?"
Rob Campbell
Rob Campbell 24 Dec 2017
Not much change from 8k USD per axis including the controller, IIRC, but it works. Some of their stuff is on Mars right now in Curiosity.

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