how to find euclidean distance

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ElizabethR 2016년 6월 8일
댓글: ElizabethR 2016년 6월 10일
i have a cell that contain 50 extraction value of image like in image that i attach
and i want to get the euclidean distance for all this value. How to make it ?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2016년 6월 9일
In order to get a Euclidean distance, you need to have two (possibly high-dimensional) points to take the distance between .
Perhaps you would like to use norm() on the vector of numeric values.
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ElizabethR 2016년 6월 10일
@Dr.Siva thanks for answare.. oke thanks .. i have read it
ElizabethR 2016년 6월 10일
Hi Walter, thank you :)

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