TI C2000 Delfino Multichannel ADC read using Simulink

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Solomon 2016년 5월 24일
답변: Adnan Ishtay 2017년 7월 25일
Hello all,
I'm trying to read different ADC values from two different channels of ADC-A using Simulink, however, one channel always seems to "copy" the value of the other. I'm using the F28377S Delfino Launchpad with a simple Simulink model: ADC-A1 and ADC-A2 each connected to a display block, 12 bit resolution, with all parameters same for both channels except for the SOC sources. I have a potentiometer connected to each pin. Both the ADCs are outputting the value from one of the potentiometers while the other potentiometer does not seem to have any affect on the ADCs.
I'm supposing I'll have to use ePWM blocks to trigger the two channels at different times, but I do not know how to execute this. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Juan Per
Juan Per 2016년 12월 12일
I'm having the same problem as Solomon. I have multiple ADC blocks on my model and there are several channels that are reading the same signal. I have tried using Software and ePWM_ADCSOC for SOC trigger but the problem stills the same.
I would really appreciate any idea to solve this. Thanks
Nail 2016년 12월 21일
I'm having the same problem too. ADC_A0 and ADC_A1 read exactly the same signal although their inputs are different.

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Adnan Ishtay
Adnan Ishtay 2017년 7월 25일
OHHHH, finally... I have solved the problem, after understanding the basic structure and the operation of ADC module (go to:https://www.mathworks.com/help/supportpkg/texasinstrumentsc2000/ug/configuring-acquisition-window-width-for-adc-blocks.html), the default settings of ADC block in simulink library is set to the maximum ADC-sampling speed, which is trade-off with number of scanned channels for each port (ADC-A or ADC-B), by increasing the access-time of ADC conversion, this is done by the following settings: 1- as stated above by "Nail on 23 Dec 2016", go to Model [Configuration Parameters -> ADC_A -> ADC clock prescaler (ADCCLK)], I have put it to 8. 2- double click on "ADC-F2837xS" block in simulink file, and put the "SOCx acquisition window" to large value (I have put it to 64).

Nail 2016년 12월 23일
I have changed ADCCLK value from 1.0 to 4.0 from
Model Configuration Parameters -> ADC_A -> ADC clock prescaler (ADCCLK)
and it worked.
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Adnan Ishtay
Adnan Ishtay 2017년 7월 24일
I just like to read more than two ADC input values to calibrate the controller parameters in real-time, I can read one ADC 12-bit value only from each different ports ADC-A and ADC-B, but when I am trying to read more than one channel from any port it is duplicated or disturbed. however, I have tried to "Model Configuration Parameters -> ADC_A -> ADC clock prescaler (ADCCLK)" but it does not work... can anybody help please?

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nasimullah khattak
nasimullah khattak 2017년 6월 9일
Hello every body.I want to run ADCIN2 and synchronize it with Epwm2 of TI launchpad F20377S in the simulink environment. It seems that the ADC block collects only one sample and then it stops working. Can any body share a demo ,on how to configure it. Thanks

Muhammed Adel
Muhammed Adel 2017년 7월 6일
Please help me i have the same problem on the same kit :(

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