how imresize work?

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ElizabethR 2016년 5월 5일
댓글: ElizabethR 2016년 5월 5일
i have a image with size is 150 x 170 pixel. and i want to change this size into 128 x 128 pixel. i use the matlab function = imresize(image,[128 128]), and my image now change to 128 x 128 pixel. My question is, how imresize work ? which pixel are removed from image ? wheter the object ( a core part of the picture ) is not change ? Or is there pixel in the core part of pixel ( object ) removed ? how do I know which one removed pixels in imresize ? thanks. Hope you anderstand with my question ^^

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2016년 5월 5일
If you read the help it will tell you. For example it says "By default, imresize uses bicubic interpolation." There are other methods. Pixels may or may not be left out of the computation of the new pixels depending on which interpolation scheme you use. For example "nearest" will do a subsampling and that will skip pixels. Others like bilinear or bicubic interpolation do not. If you want a description of bilinear or bicubic interpolation, check Wikipedia or Google.
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ElizabethR 2016년 5월 5일
okay, thanks. GBU ^^

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