how to make return value in for loop ?

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ElizabethR 2016년 3월 11일
댓글: ElizabethR 2016년 3월 12일
i have a code :
function rad = Radial(n,m);
radial=0; %zeros(size(r));
for s=0:(n-abs(m))/2
return radial;
but, i can return the value of radial, and then compute the radial value to loop again. How to fix ? thanks

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Stephen23 2016년 3월 11일
편집: Stephen23 2016년 3월 11일
MATLAB does not need a return statement to return a value. To return a value you simply need to list it as an output argument of the function:
function [output1,output2,...] = fun_name(input1,input2,...)
You have specified an output argument rad, but then have totally ignored this inside your code an never allocated any value to it. You should try something like this:
function rad = Radial(n,m);
rad = ... whatever rad is;
Of course this is explained quite clearly in the introductory tutorials:
and also the function documentation:
Read the documentation. It tells you how MATLAB works.
If you want to store all of the values of rad in a loop then you can use indexing.
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ElizabethR 2016년 3월 12일
hello Stephen.. i am the begginer in matlab. Thanks you so much for your explanation. it's very helping me. God Bless You :)

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