Adding a contextmenu to an axes that mimics pan/zoom/rotate's contextmenu behavior

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Hi, I'm trying to implement a customized UIcontextMenu
hFigure = figure;
currentAxes = axes;
hline = plot(currentAxes,1:10);
props_context.Parent = hFigure;
props_context.Tag = 'myContextMenu';
currentAxes.UIContextMenu = uicontextmenu(props_context);
hui = currentAxes.UIContextMenu;
props = [];
props.Label = 'Test';
props.Tag = 'Test';
props.Separator = 'off';
props.Callback = @foo;
ufullview = uimenu(hui,props);
So far so good. But notice that I'm not able to right click on the line in the axes and have the contextmenu popping up.
I know one way to work around this would be to turn the line's hittest or pickablepart 'off', however if I do that
hline.HitTest = 'off';
Now if I enable the data cursor mode, note that it won't work because I just turned the HitTest to 'off'.
So my question there a way to add a context menu that works just like the pan/zoom/rotate mode's context menu? Note that they work regardless where you click within the axes.

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