How to compute phase velocity and wavelength of signal

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vu ngothanh
vu ngothanh 2015년 9월 3일
답변: AHMED ASEEM 2019년 5월 30일
Dear all,
I have a matrix which contain 3 columns: time and amplitude of 2 acceleration. These value is get from acceleration when hitting into the ground. I need to compute phase velocity and wavelength from them. BUt i do not have any idea to get it. I had seached from internet, someone say that using FFT is ok, however, from fft I just know how to get phase angle, and I stuck in there. My way is wrong, isn't it?
Could you please to help me to compute it.
Thank you very much.


AHMED ASEEM 2019년 5월 30일
Hi ngotha,
I guess you might have to use this formulae. I am also looking for phase velocity of signal. I hope you've found your answer by now;
Cp = -w(delat d)/[(phase angle 1(w) - phase angle 2(w)]
delta d = distance between two points along the signal direction on which phase angle is measured
w = angular frequency
Cp= phase velocity
How was you manage to get phase angle ?

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