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Function to check prime number

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Hong 2024년 2월 24일
마감: John D'Errico 2024년 2월 24일
Write a Matlab function, called testprime, that takes one input argument and uses a for-loop and rem function to check whether its argument is a prime number. testprime(x) should return 1 if x is a prime number and 0 otherwise. Your testprime function must behave as shown below: >> help testprime testprime checks if its argument is a prime testprime(x) is 1 if x is a prime, 0 otherwise.
>> testprime(12) ans = logical 0
>> testprime(7) ans = logical 1
Hi I've seen old question about prime number, I'm still confused about how to get those I tried to look it up on Youtube and still got the prime number from 0 to that entered number but not check the specific number entered. I'm new to MATLAB and never code before and this is all confusing.
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James Tursa
James Tursa 2024년 2월 24일
Please post what you have done so far and ask specific questions about that code.

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