How to perform an operation after reading the image?

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John 2024년 2월 23일
답변: Walter Roberson 2024년 2월 23일
In imageDatastore, when defining the readFcn=readimageFcn, it can be defined as readimageFcn=@(x) int16(dicomread(x));
How to define this function to perform a normalization afrer reading the image?
This will not work:
readimageFcn=@(x) [int16(dicomread(x)); imagenorm(x)];
And a separate function is not working either:
function y=readimageFcn(x)
How to make an image reading function in the following command?
datastoreone = imageDatastore(imagefiles,FileExtensions=exts,ReadFcn=readFcn);
Thank you!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2024년 2월 23일
readimageFcn=@(x) imagenorm(int16(dicomread(x)));
There is some uncertainty here, as imagenorm() is not a defined Mathworks function, so we do not know what datatype it expects.

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