How to check with different C rates of battery model in Simulink

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MAHENDRAN A 2023년 11월 7일
댓글: MAHENDRAN A 2023년 11월 14일
I've battery model, I need to check the charging, discharging of battery at differennt C rates like 0.5 C, 1 C, 2 C. What all parameters should i change or how can i model it.
Can anyone help me in this.

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Sanju 2023년 11월 14일
To model the charging and discharging of a battery at different C rates, you will need to consider the below key parameters,
  • Adjust current (I) based on C rate (C-rate).
  • Monitor voltage (V), internal resistance (Ri), temperature (T), and state of charge (SOC).
  • Consider efficiency, time, and thermal management.
  • Use a battery model specific to the battery type.
  • Validate the model with real-world data.
When modelling at different C rates, you will typically vary the current applied to the battery while keeping other parameters constant. You may also want to observe how the battery's performance changes over time and with repeated charge-discharge cycles.
It is essential to use a battery model that accurately represents the behaviour of the specific type of battery you are working with. Different battery chemistries (e.g., lithium-ion, lead-acid) may have distinct behaviours and characteristics. Additionally, experimental validation of your model against real-world data is crucial for ensuring its accuracy and reliability.
You can also refer to the below documentation link if required,
I hope this helps!
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MAHENDRAN A 2023년 11월 14일
Hi Sanju,
Thanks for answering. My doubts were related simulink models with battery. I've developed battery model with charging discharging profile with cell balancing by simulink blocksets. The link you shared is for developing a battery model with simscape and from basic.
And I've found of C rate calibration, but my idea is by changing the resistor value by following the Ohm's law. I've attained output for discharging, but for charging still I'm facing issues.

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