Developing battery SOC estimation model using coulomb counting method ?

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MAHENDRAN A 2023년 10월 5일
댓글: MAHENDRAN A 2024년 1월 14일
How to develop battery SOC estimation model using coulomb counting method for charging and discharging profile

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Aishwarya 2023년 10월 20일
Hi Mahendran,
As per my understanding, you wish to know about developing SOC Estimator model using Coulomb Counting method.
In this case, for developing an SOC Estimator model using the Coulomb Counting method in Simscape, I would recommend exploring the "SOC Estimator (Coulomb Counting)" block available in the "Simscape / Battery / BMS / Estimators" library. This block implements an estimator that calculates the state of charge (SOC) of battery by Coulomb Counting method. It requires battery current and initial state of charge as inputs.
For detailed information on how to use this block, you can refer the MathWorks Documentation link provided below:
Additionally, you may find the below MATLAB Answers post helpful. It provides an example implementation of SOC estimation using the Coulomb Counting method in MATLAB. Please find the answer in the below link:
Hope this helps!
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Gokul Gopakumar
Gokul Gopakumar 2024년 1월 14일
I had a similar question regarding the same subject. Is it also possible to implement the Coulomb Counting method using only Matlab Script?
MAHENDRAN A 2024년 1월 14일
Actaully yes, even I'm learning about that too. You can search mathworks website > support > search for the scripts, you'll get. Meanwhile, if I learnt it, I'll share you.

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