plotting a feather plot for u and v component

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Giulia 2023년 6월 9일
댓글: Giulia 2023년 6월 19일
Hi everyone.
How can I plot a figure similar to the example below, using the nctdf data attached?
The lon (longitude) and latitude represents a small area, it would be ideal to plot exactly the point within this area which is of the following coordinates:
exactlat = 53.75129
exactlon =-5.181839
Thank you in advance for the help!
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2023년 6월 9일
What have you tried so far?
Giulia 2023년 6월 12일
Hi Adam,
Yes I have tried it but somehow it comes out like that rather than with the arrows:

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2023년 6월 12일
If you zoom into your data, you'll see that you've got arrows.
tcl = tiledlayout(2,1);
title('full view')
xlim([ 176.83 316.27])
Perhaps you could dow-sample your data. This example plot every 5th data point. Just consider the risks (clipping out important outliers or missing trends).
idx = 1 : 5 : size(u10,3);
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2023년 6월 13일
This line below plots every 10th data point starting with #5.
idx = 5 : 10 : size(u10,3)
Perhaps you'd rather use one of the following lines,
idx = 1 : 5 : size(u10,3) % [1 6 11 16,...]
idx = 5 : 5 : size(u10,3) % [5 10 15 20, ....]
We don't have a function that easily adds arrows like the one in the image you shared. You could certainly create a scatter plot using scatter to specify the color of each point. See the movmax documentation for demos to get you started on your other question. good luck!
Giulia 2023년 6월 19일
thank you!!! :)

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