How to further extract a match values from a regexp match

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Sam Mahdi
Sam Mahdi 2023년 6월 1일
댓글: Stephen23 2023년 6월 1일
Had a quick question regarding regexp.
Let's say you have some string and you want to extract certain values from it
1x1 cell array
From here I'd like to just extract the number. I'm not super familiar with matlab, but in python for example, in a regex search you can use parenthesis than extract the specific group of your match
So the pattern is the same and you are still matching hello_1, but from there you are able to extract only the numerical value

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Vilém Frynta
Vilém Frynta 2023년 6월 1일
If you use 'tokens' instead of match.
string = 'hello_2_goodbye_0.23_hi_1.55_exit_1000';
pattern = 'hello_(\d+\.*\d*)';
match = regexp(string, pattern, 'tokens');
num = match{1} % can be converted to number from a string
ans = 1×1 cell array
num = '2'
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Sam Mahdi
Sam Mahdi 2023년 6월 1일
Ah thank you. I was getting an error because I was just trying to print out
regexp(string, pattern, 'tokens','match');
And kept getting errors regarding not enough outputs specified for tokens option. Thought maybe I was using it wrong, just had to remove the match option. Thank you!
Stephen23 2023년 6월 1일
You might also want to use the ONCE option, to reduce the cell array nesting by one level:
S = 'hello_2_goodbye_0.23_hi_1.55_exit_1000';
P = 'hello_(\d+\.*\d*)';
C = regexp(S, P, 'tokens','once')
C = 1×1 cell array

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