how to make surf plot using 3 arrays

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ANANTA BIJOY BHADRA . 2023년 3월 30일
답변: Cris LaPierre . 2023년 3월 30일
I have 3 arrays. The 1st one is (5*1) and the 2nd one is (11*1). The 3rd one is (5*11). Basically using the 1st and 2nd the 3 array is build. The 1st value of the 1st array along with 11 values of the 2nd array to generate the 1st row and 11 column of the 3rd array. I need to make the a surface plot. How should I do that? I hope I have been able to explain the question.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre 2023년 3월 30일
Your 2 vectors (11x1, 5x1) are your X and Y inputs, while the 5x11 array is your Z values. The rows of your array correspond to Y and the columns correspond to X. The syntax would be
X = (1:11)';
Y = (1:5)';
Z = Y*X';


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