Subsystem with similar functionality as of "Unit Delay"

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Anubhav Routray
Anubhav Routray . 2023년 3월 12일
댓글: Paul . 2023년 3월 13일
I want to replace all the 'UnitDelay ' blocks in a model with a subsystem which would have the functionality of 'UnitDelay' block.
I want such a subsystem because the initial condition to the 'Unit Delay' block should be passed from a custom block(for example a constant block or From workspace block) as the initial conditions are changed frequently. I have the initial conditions stored in an array. Any help is appreciated. I am using MATLAB 2020a.
(Also I can not use the old Unit Delay with IC block because of my requirement limitations)
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Paul 2023년 3월 12일
"I change the value of IC from 5 to 6 and observe some change."
Are you changing the value of the IC from 5 to 6 while the simulation is running, or after the simulation with IC=5 is complete and you want to use IC = 6 for the next simulation?
Anubhav Routray
Anubhav Routray 2023년 3월 12일
I want to use the IC =6 for the next simulation

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Paul 2023년 3월 12일
Does the Delay block meet the need? It can accept an IC from an external source and is externally resettable.
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Anubhav Routray
Anubhav Routray 2023년 3월 13일
편집: Anubhav Routray 님. 2023년 3월 13일
I completely agree with your solution. However the scenario that I explained was an example. I have around 500 UDs in the complete model and it is not a feasible way to change the field of every block. I have already created a script where the value of the new IC is ready to be fed automatically. I need a subsytem to replace the all the UDs in the model with a means to feed the new ICs (which I am thinking to be from a "From Workspace" block, but I am open to any other suggestion).
Paul 2023년 3월 13일
I still don't understand why the Delay block (doc page link in he original Answer) doesn't fit the need. It can support a delay of 1, i.e., a unit delay and also supports an externally supplied initial condition.

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