MATLAB Connector won't install on Windows 7

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John 2011년 1월 5일
When installing the MATLAB Mobile Connector, I receive a permission denied message under Windows Vista or Windows 7:
Error: You do not have write permission to the MATLAB Installation folder (C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2010a).
The MATLAB Connector Installer cannot proceed.
I have permissions to edit this folder. What is going on here?

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Ian Jessen
Ian Jessen 2011년 1월 6일
The Windows security feature User Account Control (UAC) prevents non-privileged applications from changing files in system locations. Since MATLAB is installed in Program Files, UAC prevents changes MATLAB from modifying its own files when installing the Connector. To resolve this you will need to run MATLAB with administrator permissions. To do so, right click on your shortcut to MATLAB and select "Run as Administrator". You should then be able to install the Connector in MATLAB.

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