How do you plot elements of a cell array?

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L'O.G. 2023년 1월 13일
댓글: Cameron 2023년 5월 8일 21:36
Given a cell array where each element contains a vector of numbers of type double, I select a few elements to analyze. They are all collected for the same x data. In general, how would I generate a figure with plots of any arbitrary number of cell array elements of vectors of type double?
Would it make sense to output the desired cell array elements into a matrix and then plot that? The corresponding matrix of x values would (I think) be the same size, and the columns would be identical to one another since the x data are the same. If that's the case, how do I do that?

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Cameron 2023년 1월 13일
Loop through your cells and use the hold on then hold off command.
cellData{1} = [(1:20)',(1:20)' + rand(20,1)];
cellData{2} = [(1:20)',2*(1:20)' + rand(20,1)];
cellData{3} = [(1:20)',3*(1:20)' + rand(20,1)];
cellData{4} = [(1:20)',4*(1:20)' + rand(20,1)];
hold on
for CellColumn = 1:length(cellData)
hold off
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Cameron 2023년 5월 8일 21:36
Can you give an example of what your data looks like?

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