Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type in a for loop

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Hello everyone,
I am trying to execute this code and I am having the following error:
clc;clear;close all
SnapshotsAddress = pwd; % put current path here
files = dir(fullfile(SnapshotsAddress,'data_*.txt'));
n_snapshots = natsortfiles(files);
if iscell(n_snapshots) == 0;
n_snapshots = (n_snapshots);
n_snapshots = size(files,1);
for j = 1:numel(n_snapshots)
folder = n_snapshots(j).folder;
filename = n_snapshots(j).name;
fid = fullfile(n_snapshots(j).folder,n_snapshots(j).name);
data = dlmread(fid);
x = data(1,:) % x coordinate
y = data(2,:) % y coordinate
U(j,:) = data(4,:); % u velocity
V(j,:) = data(5,:); % v velocity
%Section 2 -­‐ Compute spatial correlation matrix C
c1 = U*U';
c2 = V*V';
C = (c1+c2)/n_snapshots;
%Section 3 -­‐ Solve the eigenvalue problem: C * EigenVector = EigenValue * EigenVector
[beta, lmd] = svd(C);
%Section 4 -­‐ Calculate basis functions
phix = U'*beta;
phiy = V'*beta;
% Normalize basis functions
GridNum = size(x,2);
for j=1:n_snapshots
PhiNor = 0;
for i=1:GridNum
PhiNor = PhiNor + phix(i,j)^2 + phiy(i,j)^2;
PhiNor = sqrt(PhiNor);
phix(:,j)= phix(:,j)/PhiNor;
phiy(:,j)= phiy(:,j)/PhiNor;
%Section 5 -­‐ Calculate coefficient
TimCoeU = U*phix;
TimCoeV = V*phiy;
TimCoe = TimCoeU + TimCoeV;
%Section 6 -­‐ Export basis functions
for a=1:n_snapshots
FilNamPhi = 1000+a;
PhiOut = fopen([SnapshotsAddress,num2str(FilNamPhi),'.txt']', 'wt');
fprintf(PhiOut, '#DaVis 7.2.2 2D-­‐vector 16 145 145 "position" "mm" "position" "mm" "velocity" "m/s"\n');
phia = [x;y;phix(:,a)';phiy(:,a)'];
fprintf(PhiOut, '%20.9f %20.9f %20.9f %20.9f\n',phia);
% Write coefficients into excel file
The error is:
Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.
Error in VelocityDistributionPOD (line 57)
folder = n_snapshots(j).folder;
Even upon commenting line57, it is still present in line58 and line59
Any thoughts how to override such error?
Thank you!

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2023년 1월 12일
n_snapshots = natsortfiles(files);
n_snapshots was a struct array. But then:
if iscell(n_snapshots) == 0;
n_snapshots = (n_snapshots);
n_snapshots = size(files,1);
you changed it to a scalar double. Change one of the variable names to something more indicative of its purpose.

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