Why du/dx obtained from excel and Matlab gives different results?

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Raushan . 2023년 1월 11일
댓글: Raushan . 2023년 1월 12일
I have csv file with some columns and I want to find the du/dx from two column named as u and x. I did it in excell as well as matlab but both the results are different. Can anyone please help to know why they are diffrent? Am I doing any mistake while calciulating the derivative in matlab. I want to do this for all the csv files but I wanted to varify first for one file. Here is my code that I used in matlab and the csv file named as 0001_derivative in which I have obtained du/dx i.e. (u2-u1)/(x2-x1)and named as "s"
Data = readtable('0001.csv');
U = Data.u;
X = Data.x;
dudx = gradient(U)./gradient(X);
Thank you very much for helping me to learn.
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Raushan 2023년 1월 12일
Thanks for the suggestion. You are right we can arrange them either in increasing or decreasing order, but that will be manipulation with the data. We expect data to vary like this. Code is working for 1 file but not for all 5 files. Can you please help me to implement a for loop for 5 files, so that I will have 5 different dudx, I am trying but getting dimension related error.

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Torsten 2023년 1월 11일
If the X grid is equidistant,
dudx = gradient(U,X(2)-X(1))
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Raushan 2023년 1월 11일
I tried this but still the same value as before. Its not matching with ''s'' column of 0001_derivative.

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