Two-point correlation to identify vortex cores

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Hussein Kokash
Hussein Kokash 2022년 12월 6일
Hello everyone,
I am trying to imitate the follwing:
Source: Wang, J. S., Feng, L. H., Wang, J. J., & Li, T. (2018). Görtler vortices in low-Reynolds-number flow over multi-element airfoil. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 835, 898-935.
Which is to findthe two-point correlation functions between swirling strength and velocity for estimation of the conditionally averaged velocity field given a vortex core.
I have multiple files that contains velocity and location at different time steps, I can also use image processing as well if nessecary.
Any idea if there is a matlab package out there that could help do such thing?
Appreciate your help and thank you!



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