how to access local files in MATLAB mobile?

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Mahdieh 2022년 12월 3일
댓글: Mahdieh 2022년 12월 11일
Hi, I am planning to use MATLAB Mobile and also access the local files at the mobile from MATLAB, so that I wouldn't need to upload them to the MATLAB drive. That's why I searched and found MATLAB Drive Connector. It is written in the description that it can be used for mobile phones, but when search for downloading options, I don't see an option for Android.
I would be happy if anyone could guide me about this question. Thanks

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Conor Burgess
Conor Burgess 2022년 12월 5일
편집: Conor Burgess 2022년 12월 5일
The page you've referenced states that MATLAB Drive supports MATLAB Drive online, MATLAB Mobile (i.e. the MATLAB Mobile app), and MATLAB Online. MATLAB Drive can also be used from a Desktop computer via MATLAB Drive Connector.
The MATLAB Drive Connector application supports Windows, Linux and macOS. It does not support Android nor iOS - sorry for any confusion if that's what you understood from that page.
As far as I'm aware, there is currently no way to access files* stored on your Android or iOS device from the MATLAB Mobile app. You can use a desktop computer to upload files to MATLAB Online, MATLAB Drive online, or use the MATLAB Drive Connector application on a desktop, and then access those files from MATLAB Mobile, if that helps.
* the one exception is photos - if you'd like to access photos on your Android or iOS device, please see this answer.
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Mahdieh 2022년 12월 11일
Thank you for your comprehensive answer, I understand now.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 12월 3일
편집: Walter Roberson 2022년 12월 3일
Inside MATLAB Mobile, the upper left corner has three main horizontal lines on top of each other. Click on that. In the menu that shows up, click on Files.
However I do not see a way there to upload a file from the mobile device
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Mahdieh 2022년 12월 5일
you are right, I can access the codes and files uploaded in my MATLAB drive from hear, but my problem is that I cannot upload large data in MATLAB drive, and for this reason, I am looking for a way to access files from MATLAB Mobile without using MATLAB Drive. Anyway, thanks for your reply, Mr. Roberson

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