Memory Mapping Error in ARXML File

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MAHENDRAN A 2022년 11월 17일
댓글: Mohamed Riad 2024년 1월 24일
I need to generate implementation.arxml file Code for a Battery model. Ive creaed the ARXML Code for that. In the code, at resource consumption line, I coudnt find the memory mapping / allocation in it. Can anyone give solution to this or how to create the line in the code

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Adithya 2023년 9월 4일
Hello @MAHENDRAN A, I understand from your question that you need assistance in generating the implementation.arxml file code for a Battery model
To generate an implementation.arxml file code for a Battery model, you will need to include the necessary information for memory mapping or allocation within the code. Here are some steps to help you create the line for resource consumption in the ARXML code:
1. Identify the memory resource: Determine the specific memory resource that needs to be allocated for the Battery model. This could be RAM, ROM, or any other memory type.
2. Define the memory section: Specify the memory section where the Battery model will be stored. This includes the start address and size of the memory section.
3. Allocate memory to the Battery model: Within the ARXML code, locate the relevant component or module that represents the Battery model. Add a resource consumption element to specify the memory allocation.
Here's an example of how the resource consumption line might look in the ARXML code:
In this example, the BatteryModel component is assigned a memory section in RAM starting from address 0x20000000 with a size of 4096 bytes.
I hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any further questions!
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Mohamed Riad
Mohamed Riad 2024년 1월 24일
I've a quit similar problem. In my generated Implementation arxml I got no meaningful information :
And my question is : what is the exact setting to have the resource consumption in the Implementation arxml file ?
For information, I've created the Software Address Methods in the AUTOSAR dictionary properly, and I've mapped the memory sections to my runnables. A MemMap.arxml ($ModelName_datatype.arxml in Mathworks naming logic) file is well generated:

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