"renamevars" doesn't return output

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FM 2022년 11월 8일
댓글: FM 2022년 11월 18일
I tried renaming a table variable, first without assigning the new table to a destination, then assigning to a destination:
>> x=[1;2;3]; y=[5;6;7]; z=table(x,y) % Create test table
z = 3×2 table
x y
_ _
1 5
2 6
3 7
>> renamevars(z,"x","xx") % Rename without assigning
Error using tabular/renamevars Using RENAMEVARS
without assigning to a workspace variable does not
modify the table's variable names. Use t =
>> a=renamevars(z,"x","xx") % Rename with assigning
a = 3×2 table
xx y
__ _
1 5
2 6
3 7
Without assigning to a destination, "renamevars" actually errors out rather than issue a warning. I've always been able to view the result of an operation before assigning to a destination. To not support this seems extremely un-MATLAB-ish (and unlike most languages I've used) This is especially important when debugging in MATLAB, as one should not create objects that aren't already present in the code.
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Eric Sofen
Eric Sofen 2022년 11월 18일
Thanks for bringing this up. The renamevars behavior is consistent with categorical renamecats, but I agree it is inconsistent with other table behavior. I have an enhancement request to revise the renamevars behavior.
c = categorical(["a" "b" "c"])
c = 1×3 categorical array
a b c
Error using categorical/renamecats
Using RENAMECATS without assigning to a workspace variable does not modify the array's properties. Use C = RENAMECATS(C,OLDNAMES,NEWNAMES).
FM 2022년 11월 18일
Thanks, Eric.

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Jan 2022년 11월 8일
If you want to change this behavior, login with admin privileges and modify the file renamevars.m. You find the check of nargout==0 on top.
As usual for modifying built-in functions: Strange side-effects might occur. Be careful and document the changes exhaustively. Remember that the changes might vanish during an update.
What about asking the MathWorks team for an explanation? Maybe this was a mistake only or there are some good reasons to avoid assigning ans utomatically.
Writing renamevars(z,"x","xx") instead of a=renamevars(z,"x","xx") saves 2 keystrokes. Is this useful?
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Jan 2022년 11월 9일
The MathWorks team does not scan the contents of the public forum. Writing a bug report or enhancement request is much better, because then the the information is forwarded directly to the support team.
A wrapper is an efficient idea also:
function Reply = myren(varargin)
Reply = renamevars(varargin{:});
FM 2022년 11월 9일
Yes, that means that your code is portable so long as you share your wrapper as well (but probably easier than convincing a receiving party to modify renamevars.m).
Steven Lord's response to this question must have been happenstance. I'm appreciative that TMW staff sometimes take the time to respond here.

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