Simulink simulation that uses data over all time

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Dave Mansfield
Dave Mansfield 2022년 11월 7일
Hi guys,
So the simulation i want is a moving body that collects data as it moves. I then want to use the newly collected data AND the data collected in the past to decide the next move.
The problem i'm having is how to do this in simulink as it runs step by step on just the newly collected data - perhaps the easiet way is to write to and then read from a matlab workspace?
The current solution I have is using a matlab S funtion in the simulink model. It works but it runs quite slowly and I feel like there must be an easier way to do this.
I was thinking perhaps I could run the simulation step-by step in the loop of matlab script but im not sure if there is a way to continue a simulation from where it left off and it would be better to have it running continously.
Also if someone does know a solution for this type of sim perhaps they also know a way i can have two parts of the simulation running asyncronously? This is less important but would also be useful.
Thanks for taking your time to read this.



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