Class that outputs text with formulas in livesript

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Javier Ros
Javier Ros 2022년 10월 20일
I know that symbolic expressions are nicely displayed, but there are heavy limitations I cannot live with.
To name one: What if I want my symbolic variable ddtheta to show as $\ddot{\theta}$. No way.
As there is no way to change the output behaviour of the symbolic toolbox up to this point,. I would like to write my own class, that outputs nicely formated formulas as desired.
I dont want a work arround as to use a msgbox displaying the formula.
This should not be that difficult, as symbolic classes have a natural ouput in this direction.
Can you point me to the right direction for implementation?.
I belive this is an important feature, is Mathworks going to implement something aroun this line?, like, forexample, extending disp allowing to include $a encapsulated formula$.
Thanks in advance.



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