Acessing already OS installed raspberry pi using matlab

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Hi, When i use the rasbian_wheezy provided by the _ targetupdater _ to connect Raspberry pi to Matlab, i am able to connect the raspberry pi hardware by creating the object using _ raspi() _
However, when i install the rasbian OS provided at " _ * _ _ * _ " by myself into memory and try to connect to Matlab, it is not getting connected. I belive there is some plug-in in the Rasbian OS provided by _ targetupdater _, which helps in establishing connection between Matlab and Raspberry pi. Is there any way that i can install that plug-in alone into already working Raspberry pi ? so that i can connect Raspberry pi directly into Matlab without installing the OS using targetupdater ?

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge 2015년 3월 18일
The raspi MATLAB interface requires a server running on the Raspberry Pi hardware. This is a custom server that interprets commands send by MATLAB. If you just install the Raspbian image provided by the foundation, you won't have this server on your Linux distribution. By the way the Raspbian image downloaded by the targetupdater uses the Raspbian image provided by the It just has some extra Linux packages and the server for raspi interface to provide compatibility with MATLAB/Simulink.
In any case, if you still want to use the Raspbian image provided by foundation you may try MATLAB functions shipped in the R2015a support package to add the server to your existing Raspbian image:
raspi.internal.firmware.setupMATLABServer('<IP address>','<User name>','<Password>')
raspi.internal.firmware.setupMATLABDaemon('<IP address>','<User name>','<Password>')
The first function adds the server and the second sets up a daemon so that the server auto-starts at boot. Note that these are unsupported functions. In case of error you need to diagnose the issue on your own. We use these functions to generate the firmware image the targetupdater downloads.
Note: Enabling Device Tree (DT) in the 3.18+ kernels result in some peripherals to not work properly (I2C, SPI). I would recommend disabling DT in the raspi-config utility when using your own image.
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Hans 2016년 8월 4일
I was wondering whether you worked out how to setup the MATLAB server on the RPi using the command "setupMATLABServer(ssh, scp)"? The inputs are undocumented, and I would like to find more information regarding these inputs.
Kind Regards.

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