Heatmap plot using the XYZ values

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Rahul Gulia
Rahul Gulia 2022년 9월 21일
댓글: Rahul Gulia 2022년 9월 26일
I have a Dataset of size 575718x3.
First column contains the x-location, second column contains the y-location, and the 3rd column contains the signal strength that a given x,y-location.
I tried using the heatmap() function and the satter function. But they give me an error for duplicate values.
My dataset is huge, and it looks something like this,
x y SINR
1 1.0 23
1 1.1 25
1 1.2 27
2 2.0 25
2 2.1 29
2 2.2 30
i.e., each x-location has a huge granularity on its simultaneous y=position.
Kindly suggest if I can generate a heatmap from this matrix.
My Solution: I have transformed this matrix to size 4758 x 121, with each point showing the SINR strength. i.e., 4758*121=575718.
And the imagesc() function ca give me the required heatmap, that looks like this. But this is a complex process.
I would really appreciate it if someone can guide me to get this kind of heatmap from the XYZ value matrix described above.
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Rahul Gulia
Rahul Gulia 2022년 9월 26일
Thank you @J. Alex Lee and @Adam Danz for your suggestions on the problem statement.
I was not fully aware of the reshape() function, and that seems to be a good solution to my problem.
Thank you guys for your support. It was a great discussion.

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