Error while using byte unpacking in simulink

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I have a basic simulink model with the objective of transferring a simple sine wave using udp send and receive blocks. Both the blocks are in the same model. I have used byte packing and unpacking for this model. After I run this, I am getting this error:
"slrealtimebytepacking(Unpack): Invalid inherited input port width 512 for data type 0 (1)"
what should I do to rectify this error ?

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Pavan Singh
Pavan Singh 2022년 9월 12일
Make sure the UDP Receive and Send port width are set up correctly.
For example, if you are packing 1 "double" datatype signal,then the width should be 8 bytes. Also, if you're packing 2 "double" datatype signals, the width should be 16 because a double is 8 bytes (hence, total width/size is 2x8 = 16 bytes).

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