How to view generated code from simulink to arduino

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chfakht chfakht
chfakht chfakht . 2015년 2월 19일
댓글: Seng Chong . 2022년 12월 12일
Hi all, i have built an example of led in simulink and i deploy it to an arduino uno i want know to know if i can view the generated code , and if that code can be loaded into the arduino in other way like loading it with arduino ide

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Abhishek GS
Abhishek GS 2015년 3월 17일
Hi Chfakht,
You will be able to see the Simulink generated code for Arduino if you have License for Embedded Coder Toolbox.
Once you have your C-Code, you should be able to use the avr-gcc compiler and avrdude uploading tool to load the code into Arduino without using the IDE. You can find an example here .
Thanks, Abhishek
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chfakht chfakht
chfakht chfakht 2015년 3월 22일
thanks a lot , but how can i view the code generated by simulink ???
Seng Chong
Seng Chong 2022년 12월 12일
Not very helpful;

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