How to overlay an image with a 10 by 10 grid?

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Yash Khandelwal
Yash Khandelwal 2022년 7월 13일
댓글: Yash Khandelwal 2022년 7월 13일
I have a folder with 30 images and I want to overlay each image with a 10x10 grid. The image resolution is 1280x720. How to do this?

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Anay Aggarwal
Anay Aggarwal 2022년 7월 13일
Hi Yash
I have an understanding that you want to overlay an image with a 10x10 grid.
The function plot is able to plot multiple line at once if you provide a 2D matrix as argument. So you can plot your image and then plot each line of your grid above your image.:
% Load your image
I = imread("peppers.png");
% Get image size
s = size(I);
% Choose your grid size
n = 10;
% Construct the line's coordinates of your grid
% vertical line horizontal line
% ↑ ↑
x = [repmat(linspace(0,s(2),n),2,1) repmat([0,s(2)].',1,n)];
y = [repmat([0,s(1)].',1,n) repmat(linspace(0,s(1),n),2,1)];
% Plot the image and the grid.
hold on
And we obtain:
Hope this helps

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