PSaYC: Select the Polyspace configuration language

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Oliver Müller
Oliver Müller 2022년 5월 2일
댓글: Oliver Müller 2022년 5월 3일
After updating the Polyspace Access and subsequently Polyspace as You Code Version from R2021b to R2022a I get those popups from the Eclipse integration a lot:
Is there a way to tell the Tool that it will always be C?
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Oliver Müller
Oliver Müller 2022년 5월 3일
I have a non C main project with two C-type subprojects because I use a trustzone enabled controller. Some shared headers are in that projects context and that's from where I got those popups apparently.
I also have some projects which I only defined for Polyspace analysis because they are normally managed in an unsupported IDE (atmel studio which uses an older VS version as the base) so I didn't really care about project type there.
For all the workaround of adding an empty .cproject file works!

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