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MARCO LORENZI 2022년 3월 14일
답변: Rik 2022년 3월 14일
Good morning everyone!
I am trying to export a number of plot to png for my thesis. The problem is that the dimensions of the png seem to be dependent on how the plot window is opened on you screen. If when i save as png, the plot window is full screen i get a png where i cannot even read the title. Would it be possible to create a standard where the important parts of the diagram (like title, labels ecc) are maximized?
Thank you very much in advance.

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Rik 2022년 3월 14일
There is a reason export_fig has over 300000 download by now: it works more often than the normal built-in tools. You can get it from the FileExchange or with the AddOn-explorer.
If that doesn't work, please provide a minimal working example that reproduces what you mean.

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