error while try to comply a c code into matlab

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noam ginio
noam ginio 2022년 3월 13일
I am a Phd student at the Technion, Israel.
as part of my research I am trying to implement structural svm learining algorithm on datasets collected in laboratory experiments.
I downloaded a code from github that implement struct svm learning in this link (the packege is attached)
while trying to run it on matlab I recieved this error:
"Error using mex
Deprecated MEX function mexSetTrapFlag was called. Update the source code to use mexCallMATLABWithTrap.
Error in makefile_windows (line 14)
mex -largeArrayDims -c -DWIN ./svm_struct_api.c"
To resolve it i went into the "svm_struct_api.c" file and changed all the mexCallMATLAB functions into mexCallMATLABWithTrap and i still receive the same error
any help in resolving this



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