ismember or setdiff but with different number of columns

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Is there a similiar function that could be used to achieve the following?
A is an array with 1 column
B is an array with 3 columns
C = Find index of rows in B that contain values from A in them.
For exmaple, let's say A has the following rows: 8,6,7
B has the following rows: [1,6,9],[3,5,4],[7,0,2]
C should return 1 and 3, because the first and third rows have values that also appear in array A.

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Jan 2022년 3월 3일
A = [8,6,7];
B = [1,6,9; 3,5,4; 7,0,2];
M = ismember(B, A)
M = 3×3 logical array
0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
C = find(any(M, 2))
C = 2×1
1 3

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