export simulink project with GIT submodule

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Laurent Dalbies
Laurent Dalbies 2022년 2월 15일
답변: Jean-Paul Marcade 2022년 2월 24일
I work with a simulink project that uses a GIT submodule. The files that are part of this submodule are not added to the project, but they are visible because they're addded to the matlab path during the startup of the project.
When exporting the project (share>Archive), only the files that are specifically part of the project are exported, the content of the submodule is not added to the archive. I would have expected the archive to contain also the content of the submodule because declaring the submodule is for me a way to associate files to the project.
it's still possible to manually add the content of the submodule to the archive file but is there's a way to do it automatically ?

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Jean-Paul Marcade
Jean-Paul Marcade 2022년 2월 24일
In order to achieve the desired behavior, I would recommend using a MATLAB project for the git submodule. You will need to create a new project from the existing submodule and then reference it from the top project.


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