Is it possible to train a model to recognise the object in this video?

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Hi folks,
I've tried using various image processing techniques on the images used to make this video, to try and threshold out the object of interest (the cylindrical object which burns down during the video) with limited success due to the change in background colour relative to the object's colour during the video (the point at which the change occurs is always known, however).
I need to be able to threshold the object because I need to use regionprops in order to measure its properties.
Is it possible to train an object recognition algorithm of some sort to recognise this object for any video I give it, and to threshold it out?
The position of the object will always be roughly in the same position in the video. However, the behaviour of the object may change depending on what it is (that is to say, it might start glowing at different time, expand instead of contract etc).

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022년 2월 7일
Yes it is. First create a mask around the cylinder. It looks like it's in the same place throughout the whole movie. Then you can determine the height and area by thresholding.

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