Segment the foreground from the background

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How can i segment foreground and background from the attached images? When i do threshold method the nucleus (marked in red) and the debris (the circled orange region) is wrongly identified. The background colour is not same for the images, so colour based foreground and background detection will also not give desired result. Please can someone suggest which method can be used to segment the debris from the images so that i can segment the nucleus correctly.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson 2022년 2월 4일
Have you reviewed the examples included with the Image Processing Toolbox? The example "Correct Nonuniform Illumination and Analyze Foreground Objects" might be helpful. The colorThresholder tool is helpful for quickly creating color space transformations and thresholding functions for image samples. You could even do more than one if your images have different color properties and you can do nothing to fix that. Of course, first thing is to improve processes so that the image processing later on is easier.

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