Finding radius of sphere and circle

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Nick Vasilakis
Nick Vasilakis 2022년 1월 22일
댓글: Ahmed raafat 2022년 1월 22일
Hello! So i'm trying to find the values of radius of a sphere and a circle from their formulas of area and volume.I want my_eval_parameter function to have as arguments the area of the circle (E_C) and the volume of the sphere (E_V) and I want my function to be called back with this way:
[rad1, rad2] = my_eval_parameters(E_C,V_S);
This is the code that I've managed to write:
function my_eval_paramereters=calculations(rad1,rad2)
E_C = input('enter value for E_C:...');
rad1 = pi*(rad1*rad1);
rad2 = input('enter value for V_S:... ');
rad2(rad2) = (4/3)*pi*(rad2^3);
[rad1, rad2] = my_eval_parameters(E_C,rad2);


Ahmed raafat
Ahmed raafat 2022년 1월 22일
change the output name and write my_eval_parameters code
and change your function code into
function [rad1,rad2]=calculations(rad1,rad2)
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Ahmed raafat
Ahmed raafat 2022년 1월 22일
I am really confused
what are the inputs and the outputs?

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Matt J
Matt J 2022년 1월 22일
편집: Matt J 2022년 1월 22일
The code should look more like this,
function [radcircle,radsphere]=calculations(areaCircle,volumeSphere)




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