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connect samsung camera to matlab

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hend 13 Nov 2014
댓글: hend 17 Nov 2014
I have a samsung smat camera ST200F, I want to cannect it to the matlab. however the device manager can't recognize it as a camera. I contacted the samsung support team and they shortly answered that I can't connect it to my lap top as a camera and nothing else.
I saw more than one question before about samsung camera and all had the same problems. So is there any solution for that problem or any one know what's wrong?

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Anchit Dhar
Anchit Dhar 13 Nov 2014
The camera will have to be detected as an Imaging Device under Device manager and the camera drivers need to be UVC compliant/support directshow interface, before MATLAB can access it using the VIDEOINPUT/ WEBCAM interface. Without this there is no work around to get a stream from the camera.

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hend 17 Nov 2014
thanks for your answer I'm new in this stuff, and a little confused according to that is possible if I have a driver supporting the UVC but where I can find that

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