using the HDL workflow advisor for a single registration target which need to include two or more matlab users IP CORES

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Hi all ,
we are interest to make a registration for our custom board. the problem is that when we will use the HDL workflow advisor , the final project ( with the user ip ) need to have several matlab user IP cores and not a lonley one (due to the fact that each DUT/USER IP operate on a different clock rate). how can we do it ? as far as we know the HDL workflow advisor generate just one matlab user IP core at a time for the target of interest.
we appreciate your help.

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Wang Chen
Wang Chen 2021년 10월 31일
편집: Wang Chen 2021년 10월 31일
Hi Raz,
It is true that HDL Workflow Advisor currently generates just one User IP core at a time. We are working on removing this limitation.
One way to work-around this limitation is to generate multiple User IP cores one by one using HDL Workflow Advisor Generic IP core generation, and then include these generated IP cores into the same custom reference design. You can then use this custom reference design to iterate your design on one main User IP core.
For example, in following shipping example, both the I2C and I2S IP cores were generated from HDL Workflow Advisor as generic IP cores, and were integrated into the customer reference design. Then this reference design can be used to generate the Filter Algorithm IP core and do design iterations.




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