Sending four byte commands To serial port

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Jason 2021년 10월 15일
댓글: Jason 2021년 10월 15일
Whilst I am familiar using the Serialport objects in Matlab with text, Im not sure to how to use the protocol "four byte commands". I've spend a bit of time searching but didn't find any examples applicable to the "new" serialport object in the latest versions of Matlab.
In particular, what syntax would I use to send the command (in bold):
Command: 8112 0000
And then read the response (in bold) and extract the numerical value of yy
Response: 5512 00yy
Thanks for any pointers
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Jason 2021년 10월 15일
Thats the issue, I dont know

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 10월 15일
cmd = [0x81 0x12 0x00 0x00];
write(YourPortObject, cmd, 'uint8');
response = read(YourSerialPortObject, 4, 'uint8');
if isequal(response, [0x55 0x12 0x00])
yy = response(4);
fprintf('unexpected response, got: %s\n', mat2str(yy));
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Jason 2021년 10월 15일
Thamkyou Walter

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