How to cast a subclass object to its superclass type..?

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Bradley Stiritz
Bradley Stiritz 2011년 9월 10일
Hi everyone,
The MATLAB documentation states:
"MATLAB does not allow you to create arrays containing a mix of superclass and subclass objects because an array can be of only one class."
The MATLAB documentation for function cast() states:
"B = cast(A, newclass) converts A to class newclass, where newclass is the name of a built-in data type compatible with A."
Since we can't use the cast() function to convert a subclass to its superclass, how else can we perform the necessary conversion, in this or any general context..?
For example:
classdef MySuperClass
classdef MySubClass < MySuperClass
% Create subclass object:
mySubClassObj = MySubClass(..);
% Try to cast to superclass:
mySubClassObj = cast(mySubClassObj,'MySuperClass');
Error using cast
Unsupported class for conversion.
Any guidance / suggestions appreciated,
Thanks, Brad

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub 2011년 9월 14일
First, since r2011a MATLAB supports "Heterogeneous Arrays":
You can also essentially do what cast does by defining your own conversion method:
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Bradley Stiritz
Bradley Stiritz 2011년 9월 14일
Hi Daniel, thanks very much for digging out these DOC pages for me, very appreciated :)

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